Eurohoc Zone Hockey Stick
Eurohoc Zone Hockey Stick
Eurohoc Zone Hockey Stick

Eurohoc Zone Hockey Stick


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  • Large head to Increase the hitting surface
  • Lightweight for ease of handling
  • Manufactured from high grade robust polythene
  • Shaft length 61cm, total length 85cm
  • UK Manufactured
  • Available in Red and Yellow

If you want to add a new dimension to your hockey game, then you need this Zone Hockey Stick from Eurohoc. With a large head for increased hitting surface and a lightweight construction for ease of handling, this UK-manufactured stick offers revolutionary features to help you perfect your skills.

Feel the difference when using the Eurohoc Zone Hockey Stick. With its robust polythene composition and 61cm shaft length and total length of 85cm, it provides optimal support reducing strain on swinging arms while generating exceptional power. Whether playing outdoors on a hard surface, indoors in a sports hall, or on an artificial turf pitch, adjusting to conditions is no longer an issue – as each swing delivers incredible accuracy!

Available in striking Red and Yellow colors that will set you apart from the competition, challenge yourself with each use of the Eurohoc Zone Hockey Stick. With its modern design and user-friendly feel, mastering your game has never been so easy. Take your skillset one level higher with this superb quality piece of hockey kit!

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