About Us

Eurohoc has been one of the leading providers of equipment ever since its creation in 1998. Initially, it offered a range of UK-manufactured floorball sets and equipment which quickly gained popularity throughout Europe over the last 25 years. However, Eurohoc didn't stop at floorball and expanded its product range in early 2000 by adding Eurohoc Pop lacrosse sets and equipment, which young people have been loving as the ideal way to learn lacrosse skills in schools.

In 2008, Eurohoc partnered with Trent Nottingham University to develop Zone Hockey, a fast-paced and fun five/six-a-side game for people with varying degrees of severe physical and intellectual disabilities. Unlike traditional hockey, players can participate side-by-side regardless of their abilities, making it a truly inclusive game suitable for everyone.

Recently, Eurohoc has added another feather to its cap with a range of street and field hockey equipment, strengthening its position as one of the leading providers of equipment for all types of hockey.

As a forward-thinking brand, Eurohoc is always looking to improve and develop its product range. With Eurohoc's range of equipment, you can indulge in an enjoyable game with your friends or family.